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Sony Corporation has introduced a very popular laptop product line known as the Sony Vaio laptop computers. We have worked many of Sony Vaio laptops and our expert technicians have been able to solve most of the hardware and software issues for this laptop brand.

Sony Computer Repairs Southport

Unlike any other computers, Sony Vaio laptops somewhat requires a lengthy repair procedure as most of these notebooks involves opening upside down to reveal the motherboard rather than having it from the keyboard side. The most common issues that we found includes DC jack and fan noise problems. Computer Repairs Southport are always happy to take the challenge in repairing Sony laptop models and the success that we have achieved in repairing these models in our workshop.

Our high standard Sony computer repairs Southport service

Sony Vaio DC Jack Replacement

Sony Vaio DC jack repair – Our expert technicians are well experienced in fixing loose and broken DC jack for almost all the Sony Vaio model series. It is sometimes difficult to obtain Sony genuine parts but it never become a reason for us not to provide an excellent repair job for your Sony laptop.

Sony Vaio Motherboard Repair

Sony Vaio motherboard repair – No computer will function properly without a motherboard. Computer Repairs Southport provides an expert motherboard diagnosis and we always give our customers the honest and comprehensive report about the problem with their computer and the cost of repair.

Sony Vaio LCD Replacement

Sony Vaio LCD repair and replacement – Whether it’s a physical crack on your LCD screen, having vertical and horizontal lines of dead pixels or even a totally malfunctioning display, our expert professionals can help. We can provide a quality and cost effective solution for your LCD repair and replacement needs. For the best Sony Vaio repairs in Brisbane, call Computer Repairs Southport.

Sony Vaio Backlight Replacement

Sony Vaio backlight repair and replacement – Does your laptop screen went black, but the images appear in the back? You might need to consider having your LCD’s backlight checked and repaired.

Sony Vaio Keyboard Replacement

Sony Vaio laptop keyboard repair and replacement – Is your keyboard physically missing a few keys? Some keys won’t function due to accidental liquid spills? Bring your computer to us and our experts will have your keyboard replaced and make sure it is working perfectly like new.

Sony Vaio Touch-pad Replacement

Sony Vaio touch-pad replacement – The touch-pad is one of the important input device for your laptop and having a nonresponsive touch-pad can have an effect in your laptop’s portability. Computer Repair Southport has just the perfect solution for Sony Vaio touch-pad repair and replacement.

Sony Vaio Inverter Repair

Sony Vaio inverter repair – If you suspect that there’s something wrong with your display’s inverter, it’s best to have it checked right away. Give us a call and have our expert technician check the source of your laptop display problem.

Although Sony Vaio slightly requires different repair approach and attention unlike other laptop brands in the market, our experts have plenty of success on seamlessly providing a cost effective and quality repair solution on both hardware and software problems of this laptop. Call Computer Repairs Southport at 0410 659 349 and experience our high quality, effective and affordable repairs solution.

Sony Vaio virus and spyware removal – We have worked on all kinds of computer viruses and we know exactly how to eliminate them on every computer. Our dedicated virus and malware removal service can guarantee you that your machine will be 100% cleaned from all the harmful and malicious software.

Sony Vaio laptop upgrades – If you are not happy about your current laptop’s speed and performance, consider having checked for possible tune-up and upgrades.

Sony Vaio internet and network setup – Our repair service can help you to properly configure your wired or wireless network setting, troubleshoot your network problems and even provide solution for your internet security issues.

Sony Vaio data and file recovery – We provide a dedicated recovery for lost data or files, system recovery and even forgotten computer passwords.

Other hardware repairs

  • Sony laptop not turning on
  • Sony laptop LCD is very dim or dark
  • Display only visible on external monitor but not visible on laptop LCD screen
  • Sony laptop LCD screen not turning on
  • Sony laptop LCD screen is cracked
  • Sony laptop GPU or graphics card problem and distorted display
  • Sony laptop power supply repairs
  • Sony loose or broken hinge replacement
  • Sony LED/CCFL bulb replacement
  • Sony laptop optical drive upgrade and replacement (DVD-RW – DVD Burners)
  • Sony AC/DC power jack repairs
  • Sony memory upgrades
  • Sony replacement of broken or cracked plastic parts (LCD cover and base Cover)
  • Sony liquid spill repairs (Cola, Water, Coffee, Tea, Wine, Etc.)
  • Sony internal dust and particles cleaning
  • Sony component level motherboard repairs

Other software repairs

  • Sony laptop data and file backup services
  • Transfer of data to new hard drive or new Sony Vaio laptop
  • Solutions for slow working Sony laptops
  • Solutions and repairs for Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) and freezing symptoms
  • Sony laptop driver installation

Custom built Sony Vaio computer – There’s nothing more excellent than having your Sony Vaio customized to meet your specific needs. For your plans on customizing your laptop, just give us the right specifications and we will have a custom computer built for you in no time.

Avail our services in three convenient ways

Come and visit us – If you are experiencing a computer related emergency and needed to have it fixed as soon as possible, do not panic. You can visit our workshop 7 days a week from 7am up to 10pm and even on holidays. You can bring your Sony Vaio computer to us and be confident that your PC is being handled by professional computer repair technicians that has the knowledge and experience to get the job done quickly and effectively. We suggest that you give us a call at 0410 659 349 so we can have your repair service right on schedule.

At the convenience of your own place – To effectively provide our one stop computer repair service and solutions, our expert technicians are capable of delivering our computer repairs right at your doorstep. Just give us a call and have your repair service scheduled, with no call out fees or travel fees!

Get it fixed remotely – Almost all standard software and network repairs can actually be done remotely. For your easy to fix computer problems, just call us and we will have you download a special software and allow us to remotely fix your PC problems. There’s no need to travel with your machine and there’s no additional charges!

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